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The turtles are ectothermic. A turtle from 220 million years ago, it is a more ancient group than lizards, snakes or crocodiles. Some are highly endangered.Turtles are classified as amniotes, along with reptiles, dinosaurs (including birds), and mamm (More)
Triassic Period
The Triassic Period
Picture found on:   Absolute Date: 251-200 million years ago Geology and Tectonics: Pangaea- The supercontinent that occupied Eart (More)
Time of change
Tectonics of Triassic *All land was hooked together like puzzle pieces. Atmosphere- *Hot, and dry *interior had many deserts *polar regions were damp and temperate ( Gases- *O2 and CO2 (Www (More)
The Triassic period: for dummies!
Absolute date: 252mya-200mya Geology, tectonics: The land on earth was still bound together in the original supercontinent, Pangea. During the mid-triassic period, Pangea began to break apart into the new supercontinents. These two new supercontine (More)
The Triassic Period
The Triassic is a geologic period and system that extend from 252.2 +- 0.5 to 201.3 +- 0.2 million years ago. In this time earth was only continent named Pangea.  It was big land (all our continents was connected) by this now we know how bones of thi (More)
Triassic period
Triassic period                                                                         Fossil- Prosauropods dinosaur 1-Begins 253 mya ends 201 mya 2-Geology te (More)

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