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Personal reflection means personal growth
Most of the time we spend so much time observing the world around us we rarely decide to search for who we are and ask question of ourselves that we never have before. These questions which I have answered below outline many aspects of who I am as a (More)
Getting to Know Me
13. What is your personal philosophy? My personal philosophy would be to live life to the fullest and to be happy. It\'s simple, but I think it\'s incredibly important that one is happy with the life he or she is living. It shouldn\'t matter if yo (More)
Matrix life
13. My personal philosophy is I believe in anything you put your mind to you can do, the only thing always be great at what you. 15. That there is a God and a Devil and there is an afterlife once everyone leaves this world called Earth that has be (More)
Bet Ski
What is your personal philosphy? My personal philosphy is to work hard and always strive towards my goals in life.  What\'s worth understanding deeply? I believe that knowing the value of life and family are worth deeply understanding, I also believe (More)
The story of L-Woody
13. My personal philosophy is to never give up. When I try out for solos in choir, I never give up trying if i dont get one. It works. Trust me I have already had three solos since I have been in high school. 15. I think family is something worth (More)
The guide to CJ Stump What is your personal philosophyWhat is your personal philosophy What is your personal philosophy
What is your personal philosophy? I don\'t really like to get deep, maybe because I can\'t, but I like to think that hard work brings the most reward. Already I have seen cases where that is not true, but I try to base my life on that fact, and th (More)
What Makes You, You?
  When it comes to having your own personal philosophy, do you know what it is? Have you actually ever thought about it? I know I haven\'t, until today. Personally, I feel I have struggled to come up with a philosophy. You can make a philosop (More)
My own personal philosophy is that people should do what they want to do and what they believe not what others do or believe.  What I find that everyone should understand deeply are that people make their own decisions and that they shouldn\'t try to (More)
Ride or Die
13. What is your personal philosophy? Ride or die. 15. What’s worth understanding deeply? Why we are here together as people, and how we can make this world a better place. 17. What’s most important to you in life? My own personal happiness, and (More)
essential. This is a familiar word, right?  You\'ve probably heard this word used numerous times in your lifetime, but have you ever really thought about what it means?  What makes something essential? A basic definition of essential is More)
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