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Mesoarchean Era
The absolute date of the Mesoarchean Era occurred around 2,800-3,200 million years ago. The geology of this time period included vast amounts of water.  As oxygen continued to be used up in oxidizing minerals on the earths crust and sea oxygen levels (More)
Ediacaran Period
This period of time lasted from 630-542 million years ago. During this time, the super continent Rodinia had split into three parts- West Gondwana, East Gondwana, and Lauraisa. East and West Gondwana formed together making the Pan Africian Orogeny. (More)
Siderian Period
Siderian refers to iron, which was prominent in banded iron formations of this time period 2500-2300 M.Y.A Timeline 2500 mya: First free oxygen is found in the oceans and atmosphere. - 2400 mya: Great Oxidation Event, also called the Oxygen Ca (More)
Palaeos Proterozoic: The Mesoproterozoic Era
Mesoproterozoic Absolute Date: 1200-1600 mya Duration: 600my Geological characterist (More)
The Beginning Of Time
The Eoarchaen Era is a mysterious time period in the beginning of Earth that still stumps scientists. It comes after the Hadean era which is the first geologic time recorded. During to time period that happened 4-3.6 billion years ago, the earts crus (More)
Paleoarchean Era
The Paleoarchean Era lasted from 3.6 bya to 3.2 bya. This time period does not have a specific rock layer assigned to it. There was evidence of non-oxygen prod (More)
Edicaran period.
635-540 M.Y.A. At 635 M.Y.A. The Earth\'s atmosphere was 14.4 % O2 and .20 % co2. At 540 M.Y.A. The Earth\'s atmosphere was at 16.5 % o2 and .35 % co2. Days were 21.3 hours long. Earth started to warm up from the ice age. \"Earth finde (More)
Archean Eon
The Archean Eon started around 3850 m.y.a. and ended around 2500 m.y.a. Time scale of the (More)
Tonian Period
Geology- Tectonic formation was Rodinia, buried cole, ice covered the Earth (Ice Age). Flora- There were no flora life forms. The only life forms at the time w (More)
The Stenian Period
The Stenian Period began 1,200 million years ago and ended 1,000 million years ago.       This picture shows us the geology of Earth when it was in the Stenian Per (More)
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