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The Pennsylvanian time period
Pennsylvanian rocks are only preserved in the Eastern and Western Kentucky Coal Fields, although all of Kentucky was probably covered by Pennsylvanian sediments at one time. Erosion has completely removed Pennsylvanian rocks from all areas but the co (More)
Mississippian Period
Mississippian Period Age: 359-323 m.y.a. Geology: The Mississippian was a period of marine ingression in the Northern Hemisphere: the ocean stood so high only the Fennoscandian Shield and the Laurentian Shield stood above sea level. The c (More)
Permian Period
-began 299 Mya & ended 251 mya Geology -changes in the earth\'s surface that had begun in the preceding Carboniferous period reached a climax -at the end of Carboniferous~large areas were dry land -in lower permian, sandy shales, sand stone (More)
Mississippian time
I pick the wonderful time back to 354 million years to 323 millions years ago during this time Pangea was getting closer and closer because of plates coiling also the climate was very damp and wet the plant made so much oxygen and made 30 percent to (More)
The unusual Mississippian fossil
The Cambrian Period
The Cambrian period began 542 million years ago, and lasted for 54 million years; till the beginning of Ordovician period. The Cambrian period is marked as a Milestone in Earth\'s history because of the profound change of life that took place during (More)
The Jurassic Period: GTS
ABSOLUTE DATE The Jurassic Period started 200 million years ago and ended 145 million years ago. GEOLOGY/PLATE TECTONICS During the Jurassic Period, the supercontinent of Pangea broke apart. This allowed for the development of areas like the cen (More)
The Silurian Period
The Devonian period was around about 416- 359M.y.a The eart (More)
The ordovician time period
Photo by ocean: much of the animals in the ordovician period lived in the ocean. One of (More)
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