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Siderian Period
Siderian refers to iron, which was prominent in banded iron formations of this time period 2500-2300 M.Y.A Timeline 2500 mya: First free oxygen is found in the oceans and atmosphere. - 2400 mya: Great Oxidation Event, also called the Oxygen Ca (More)
Cyanobacteria, Eukaryotes and Oxygen, Oh My!--The Statherian Period
The Statherian period lasted from 1800 million years ago to 1600 million years ago, making it the last geologic period of the Paleoproterozoic Era. Although the Statherian was not as glamorous as later geologic periods with dinosaurs and giant mammal (More)
A Major Change In Earth! This fossil is stromatolite, layers of fossilized (More)
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Rhyacian Period of The Paleoproterozoic Era  Age - 2300-2050 M.Y.A. Geology :  -  Period of lava and igneous rocks. There is evidence of igneous rock fro (More)
The Misty Mountains
      See this? This is the Earth during the Orosirian Period. Wow, huh? There\'s not a lot of land covering the earth; it was almost comp (More)

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