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Palaeos Proterozoic: The Mesoproterozoic Era
Mesoproterozoic Absolute Date: 1200-1600 mya Duration: 600my Geological characterist (More)
The Stenian Period
The Stenian Period began 1,200 million years ago and ended 1,000 million years ago.       This picture shows us the geology of Earth when it was in the Stenian Per (More)
Ectasian Period
The Ectasian period lasted from 1400 mya to 1200 mya.           This picture of  tectonics in the Ectasian period com (More)
Mesoproterozoic Era
The Mesoproterozoic Era started 1600 m.y.a and ended 1000 m.y.a. During this era a major biologic event occurred. \"The era saw the development of sexual reproduction, which greatly increased the complexity of life to come. It was the start of dev (More)
Calymmian period
The calymmian period started 1.6 bya and ended 1.4 bya. At the beginning there was a supercontinent called Columbia (the first true continent), and towards the end it started to break up. The splitting of supercontinent Columbia was the the most sign (More)
Mesoproterozoic Era
      1600-1000 MYA  Rodinia formed during this era (More)
Ectasian Period
Stenian Period
Age: 1200 Million years old Geology: During the Stenian Period, the plates did not break all the way apart yet. The continents did break up a little compared to Pangea, but the continents were closer together than they are today. This supercontine (More)
Ectasian Period The ectasian period lasted from 1400 mya to 1200 mya.  There was a good amount of land at this time but (More)
Mesoproterozoic Era
Mesoproterzoic Era Time Scale - Mesoproterozoic Era is the third era in the Proterozic Eon an in between 1,600 to 1,000 million years ago. - During this era the plate tectonics overall stayed the same that we have today. - Documentation of geolo (More)

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