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Photography & Math?!
As a photographer, when you are taking a picture you are using math when you have to do a certain angle. You also use math in photography for the shutter speed for how much light goes into the picture or pictures you take. (More)
Do Architects use Math? 1. Architects have to use College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus I and II, Probability and Statistics, Linear Progr (More)
Performing Arts using Math?
Performing Arts using math is absolutely possible. Managing your life after high school involves lots of planning with numbers. With the Arts math comes in all the time. With dancing it comes with doing the beats to the music you are dancing too. Som (More)
Beauty is Math More)
How Do Waitresses Use CA$H In There Job!?
This is a waitress giving back the change from the customers meal. There are many (More)
Algebra In Special Education Teaching
  Today I talk to a special education teacher about how Algebra relates in his job. He said he teaches two classes one for a degree and one to help out in the world. For the one that gives you a degree he basically teaches the Algebra that we learn a (More)
Do you really need math to be a medical doctor
Do you really need math to be a medical doctor? Yes you need math to be a medical doctor. Medical doctors need 4 years of medical school in the U.S and three years of residency at a hospital and possibly a fellowship. In those 4 years you will have t (More)
Using Math in Pediatrics
The Metric system-  most calculations in medicine are  done using the metric system. So Pediatricians need to know how to easily convert measurements, especially between pounds and kilograms. Medicine Dosages- The average Pediatrician writes many (More)
They say you don’t really need math to become a police officer. But if math is involved it would be a pay check, or even when you have a gun you might need the right calculations to shoot your gun. (More)
Using math in nursing
When I graduate High School my plan is to get into Nursing School. I also plan to graduate Nursing School and go into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). To get into Nursing School you have to have general education in math, biology, and anatomy (More)

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