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What inspires me.
Many people go through life inpired by people that have great accomplishments that they achieved. But I am inspired by both my parents. They aren't rich they worked hard to get where they are. They both grew up and were poor but that didn't stop them (More)
Mineral Identification Process
Tyler Bilby My process in identifying minerals Determine the luster Look at cleavage Determine the color and the different shades of that color Test the streak Determine the hardness Look at chart to make final decision (More)
Steps to identify mineral
Determine the luster. Metallic or Nonmetallic? Determine the hardness of your rock. Determine what color your rock is and if it is light or dark colored. Determine the Cleavage. Use chart to make final decision on your rock. (More)
Identifying Minerals
Step 1: Check to see if the mineral has luster or not. Step 2: Check its hardness by scratching it on a piece of glass and/or your fingernail. Step 3: Observe the minerals color. Step 4: Find its streak color by scratching it on a white tile (More)
How to ID Minerals
1. Look at the color and if there are other rocks with a similar color. 2. Does it have luster? A little or a lot? 3. Does it have cleavage and/or fracture? Make sure to knwo the difference between the two. 4. What color is the streak on white com (More)
How to ID a mineral
HOW TO ID A MINERAL Step 1: look and see if the mineral has luster Step 2: examine the color Step 3: drop acid and see if it fizzes or not Step 4: test hardness with glass Step 5: check to see if it has cleavage or fractures Step 6: figure ou (More)
How to ID minerals
Put acid on mineral and see if it reacts Identify if the mineral has cleavage, fracture, or both identify general density of mineral (light, average, or heavy). This may help differentiate between two similar minerals. look at the color of t (More)
How to Identify Minerals
Step 1 Look at your mineral sample, what color is it? Although you cannot identify a mineral solely based on its color, it will be a helpful clue in the process. Step 2 Does your mineral have luster? Hold it up in the light and turn it in your h (More)
How To Distinguish A Mineral
How to minerals (More)
Mineral Identification
1. Look at the luster. Define if it is metallic (reflects light like a metal) or non-metallic (reflects light unlike a metal; can be earthy, waxy, pearly, etc). 2. Test the hardness. Try scratching the mineral on glass. Whether or not it scratches t (More)
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