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The Pennsylvanian time period
Pennsylvanian rocks are only preserved in the Eastern and Western Kentucky Coal Fields, although all of Kentucky was probably covered by Pennsylvanian sediments at one time. Erosion has completely removed Pennsylvanian rocks from all areas but the co (More)
Permian Period
The Permian period started 299 m.y.a and ended 251 m.y.a. was the end of the Paleozoic Era and the largest mass extinction on earth happened during this time peri (More)
Cyanobacteria, Eukaryotes and Oxygen, Oh My!--The Statherian Period
The Statherian period lasted from 1800 million years ago to 1600 million years ago, making it the last geologic period of the Paleoproterozoic Era. Although the Statherian was not as glamorous as later geologic periods with dinosaurs and giant mammal (More)
Ordovician Period
Picture from Absolute Date: Ord (More)
The Hadean Eon
By Mark Garlick-Space Art The Hadean Eon was the very beginning of Earth\'s history, starting 4.6 billion years ago and ending 4 billion years ago. At this time, Earth wa (More)
Welcome to Earth Science
Welcome to the Noblesville High School Earth Science Class Blog. This site is home to the work of Earth science students & the basic understandings of (More)

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