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Early Dragonfly Fossil dragonfly (More)
Giant Platypus, Cenozoic
This is a giant toothed platypus lived in the middle of the Cenozoic era, and had powerful teeth that would have enabled him to kill prey such a lungfish and even small turtles. Photo illustration by Peter Schouten More)
What is this fossil?
Mexican scientists are studying a complete fossil of a lizard that lived some 23 million years ago and whose soft tissue remains have been preserved in amber. (More)
Megalodon fossil from the Cerozoic Era (More)
Cyclobatis Fossil
a sea creature from the Upper Cretaceous period, in Lebanon. (More)
Cretaceous Dragonfly Fossil
Lower Cretaceous Late Aptian-Cenomanian (108-92 million years ago)   (More)
The unusual Mississippian fossil
Shark Tooth from the Jurassic?? shark tooth  is from over 70 million years old. By   William Tanneberger (More)
A Major Change In Earth! This fossil is stromatolite, layers of fossilized (More)
Trilobite from The Silurian Period Above is a Dalmanites limuluris, a trilobite from the Silurian of New York. This fossil is found in the Silurian (More)
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