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Ediacaran Period
This period of time lasted from 630-542 million years ago. During this time, the super continent Rodinia had split into three parts- West Gondwana, East Gondwana, and Lauraisa. East and West Gondwana formed together making the Pan Africian Orogeny. (More)
Edicaran period.
635-540 M.Y.A. At 635 M.Y.A. The Earth\'s atmosphere was 14.4 % O2 and .20 % co2. At 540 M.Y.A. The Earth\'s atmosphere was at 16.5 % o2 and .35 % co2. Days were 21.3 hours long. Earth started to warm up from the ice age. \"Earth finde (More)
Neoproterozioc Era: Ediacaran Period
Age: The Ediacaran, also known as Vendian was the last period of the Neoproteroozoic Era. This period lasted from about 653 million years ago until 542 million years ago. Geology: during this time period the earth was a supercontinent called Rodin (More)
Neoproterozoic Era
**This era extended from about 1,000 to 542 million years ago **The supercontinents Rodinia straddled the equator and eventually broke into many individual landmasses. Later, the greatest ice age ever known to have occurred on Earth happened due t (More)

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