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The Cretaceous period
The Cretaceous began 145,000,000 years ago. It ended 65,000,000 years ago when a giant meteorite hit earth. (More)
Cretaceous Dragonfly Fossil
Lower Cretaceous Late Aptian-Cenomanian (108-92 million years ago)   (More)
Cretaceous Period
  The Cretaceous Period was the last and the longest segment of th (More)
The Cretaceous Period     *Noted for being the late portion of the \"Age of Dinosaurs\". *It is duri (More)
Cretaceous period
It started 145 million years ago and ended 65 million years ago. Geology: The name Cretaceous came from the Latin root \"creta\" which means chalk and was named by geologist Jean d\'Omalius d\'Halloy for the many beds of chalk that was found in t (More)
The Cretaceous Period, or better known as the age of the dinosaurs, TRex\'s, triceratops, and the cycad plant roamed the earth 145mya- 65.5mya. During the beginning of the Cretaceous Period, there was enormous tectonic activities, climate was warm (More)

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