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Giant Platypus, Cenozoic
This is a giant toothed platypus lived in the middle of the Cenozoic era, and had powerful teeth that would have enabled him to kill prey such a lungfish and even small turtles. Photo illustration by Peter Schouten More)
What is this fossil?
Mexican scientists are studying a complete fossil of a lizard that lived some 23 million years ago and whose soft tissue remains have been preserved in amber. (More)
Megalodon fossil from the Cerozoic Era (More)
Neogene Period
Paleocene Period
Began 66 and ended 23.03 million years ago. Paleogene is most notable as being the time in which mammals evolved from relatively small, simple forms into a large group of diverse animals.  Ray Finned Fish from the Paleocene Period. The continen (More)
Neogene Neogene- which means \"new born\" it started 23 Mya and ended 2.6 mya (More)
The genes in Paleogene
-The Paleogene period was 43 million years old. It started 66 million years ago and ended 23 million years ago. - the above picture shows the plate tectonics a (More)
Neogene Period
Started 23.03 (+,-) .05 million years ago. Ended 2.588 million years ago.     There was an introduction of kelp in the oceans. Grasslands suffe (More)
Fossil Ida, human or not? 47 million years old Darwinius Masillae   (More)

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