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Carboniferous Period Pachylocrinus aequalis 345 million y (More)
Pennsylvanian Period
Absolute Date: 318-299 mya Geology tectonics: Towards the end of the Pennsylvanian period, the super continent Pangea began to form. Separate continents Siberia and Larussia as well as Gondwana collided which connected all the continents forming P (More)
Carboniferous Period
Absolute Period: 359.2 to 299 million years ago  during the late Paleozic Era. Geology: The Late Carboniferous collision of Laurisa (present-day Europe, Asia, and North America) into Godwana (present-day Africa, South America, Antarctica, Australi (More)
Carboniferous time period
The carboniferous time period began at the end of the devonian time period which was 358.9 million years ago, it ended in the beginning of the permian time period (More)
Carboniferous Period
  Age- 359.2 to 299 mya during the late Paleozoic Era Geology- Plate tectonics caused the Euramerica continent to smash into Godwanaland, pushing the land up to make the Appalachian Mountains. Asia also ran into the other side of Europe to (More)

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