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Predicting weather
First, I look at last years weather. I see what was the average temperature for late march last year. Second, I use satellite photos that were taken to show which way clouds are going. Third, I measure air pressure. I predict this weekend will (More)
weather of the weekend
i predict that Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy and the temperature will be between 45-54 degrees all day of both of those days and i got this forecast from and and and these show me that it wi (More)
What are oceans good for
Oceans are good for food. Seafood is very good. Also it is used for transportation. Items are shipped over seas and oceans Also cause rain and snow (More)
What are the Oceans good for ?
Since the oceans make up more than half the earths surface providing a variety of (More)
What are oceans good for?
Absolutely nothing, they screw with our weather and they destroy cities. Hurricanes and tsunami\'s are both known for how much damage they can cause.  http://www.w (More)
What are the oceans good for?
People need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, new medicines, a climate we can live in, beauty, inspiration and recreation.  Oceans are the largest life support systems. To survive and prosper we all need healthy oceans. Oceans generate hal (More)
What are oceans good for
Oceans can be helpful, but also destructive. For example, Tsunamis and hurricanes can destroy cities and towns, thus destroying that areas economy. On the other hand (More)
What are earths oceans good for?
Earth\'s oceans are good for exploration, both of life and for land mass discovery. If you think all of the things we can do today because of oceans, and make a list of them, you would be amazed. But now move all of those things we could not do if th (More)
What are oceans good for?
Many believe that oceans are pointless and useless. Little do they know, oceans practically control the earth. From warming the atmosphere, to disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes. The oceans also collect many trash items like bottle caps. It m (More)
What are Earth\'s oceans good for?
The oceans are good for for and helping the environment with the cool breezes that it gives us every day and it also helps the atmosphere clean itself from all the pu (More)
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