We’re very glad to have you join us. There are so many ways to interact and learn here. Perhaps you’re just a reader. That is fantastic, and is a solid first step. Eventually, you will want to stop and provide feedback in the form of comments. Commenting on the work of others is the second basic step to being a true member of the NSblogs community. Ultimately, to complete the loop of interaction, you could then create a simple blog of your own and begin publishing your own thoughts into the system for feedback.

There are few things more powerful than open and honest reflection throughout the course of your learning. And we should all be learning every day. Students, teachers, administrators… we all interact and share here in a very open forum. This sharing is fast becoming a powerful new form of communication across our district, our community, and in many cases, the world. Instead of waiting for the world to act upon us, we are proactively engaging others here in thinking, learning, and sharing. As this work begins to mount over the months and years, you’ll find we are generating a dynamic and interactive set of artifacts. We believe this type of dynamic content creation coupled with the reflection and feedback look will serve as the most effective form of digital portfolio possible for our learners.

To get started, click on “Register”  on the right side of the homepage. You will need to use your school email address to register your blog.

Happy blogging!